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It can be uncomfortable enough when talking about drugs and alcohol, then when the person you are talking to happens to be your pre-teen and/or teen, that creates a whole new tension for some parents.

Pink and Black Pills

Despite all of the talk about drugs in our culture, it can be hard to talk, one on one, with your children, regardless of age, about drugs and alcohol and the affect it can have on their present and future.

An organization focused on helping parents break ground and begin a conversation on the topics of drugs and alcohol, DrugFree.org, offers a wealth of information for parents and children alike.

There is a Parent Toolkit that allows both you and your child to promise each other that you will take the time to sit and share open communication. The toolkit includes information on the types of drugs out there, and how to talk with kids, or any age, about drugs.

Share here some of your tips on how to effectively communicate with your pre-teen and teen. What are your suggestions?

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