Easy and Affordable Tips for Better Curb Appeal

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We just bought a 40 year old house, which means it’s renovation time here. Some of those renovations are going to be easier than others; yay for a husband who used to work as a professional house painter!

Where I’m really stuck, though, is landscaping and adding some curb appeal to our older house. I have to admit that design and landscaping don’t come naturally to me. 

Sure, I can tell what looks good, I’m totally lost on how to get from grandma’s 40-year-old front yard to attractive curb appeal.

While I was searching for ways to add curb appeal to my house, this infographic from the helpful folks at RubberMulch landed in my inbox. Talk about nice timing!

They have some really helpful easy and affordable curb appeal tips here. Some of them, like upgrading the mailbox and the house numbers, look like nice easy fixes. Adding new mulch around the bushes and shrubs is another quick, easy way to help your home look better.

Check them out and let me know if you have any tips for adding to your home’s curb appeal!

Affordable Tips for Curb Appeal RubberMulch


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