Can You Guess the Winner? The PAM No Residue Challenge

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I am participating in the PAM No Residue blog comparison program with enCompass Media. I’ve received payment as a thank you for participating and sharing my honest opinion.

The PAM No Residue Challenge

About a week ago, the folks from PAM reached out to see if I wanted to take their PAM No Residue challenge.

You know that sticky residue that’s left behind on pots and baking sheets? That sticky stuff that doesn’t seem to want to wash off? Well, PAM’s no-stick spray aims to stop that residue from developing.

I can never resist a challenge.

So I took them up on their challenge to compare new PAM No Residue against a competitor’s spray. 

PAM No Residue Challenge-4944

Would PAM really leave behind no residue? As a person who really, really, really, dislikes scrubbing dishes, I was sure hoping so.

So, I decided to make as much of a cooked on sticky mess as possible, and then compare results.

Here’s what I did.

I used one frying pan for PAM No Residue and another for a competitor.

Then, I fried latkes (messy, right?) in PAM No Residue  or a competitor and washed by hand.

PAM No Residue Challenge-4955 PAM No Residue Challenge-4983

But I wasn’t done. That’s not sticky enough.

I stir-fried some veggies in PAM No Residue  or a competitor to see if I could really make a mess, and then washed my pans by hand again.

PAM No Residue Challenge-4988 PAM No Residue Challenge-4996

Finally, I just sprayed the pans with PAM No Residue  or a competitor and let it bake on at medium heat for 10 minutes. I then washed by hand.

PAM No Residue Challenge-5011 PAM No Residue Challenge-5013

Time to test to see which pans had the sticky, yucky residue left behind.

We rubbed a dry paper towel vigorously, for the same amount of time and using the same pressure, on the PAM No Residue pan, and the competitor’s pan.

I was honestly surprised by the results. I’d baked on some seriously sticky, messy stuff onto those pans, but I couldn’t see any residue left behind on the PAM No Residue pans.

The competitor, on the other hand, left quite a bit of sticky black residue behind. UGH.

PAM No Residue Challenge-5037

Looks like PAM No Residue’s the clear cut winner!

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