5 Tips for Saving Money When Traveling with Kids

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We love to travel with our kids and show them the world.

Unfortunately, traveling with kids does mean an extra cost. Having kids means spending extra for food, needing more room in your accommodation, and having to fork out the extra cost for plane tickets.

We’ve traveled both internationally and throughout the US and Canada with our kids from the time they were both still in diapers. During that time, we’ve learned a few things about how to save money when traveling with kids. Check it out our tips below – we even include a few tips on how to make family travel better and easier.

Buy passes to save on entertainment

We’ve found that buying city tourist passes can save us a fortune, especially for cities where we plan to do a lot of activities. The passes almost always offer a great discount for kids, and let you take in most of the attractions in great cities like New York, Chicago and Boston. There are even passes for Hawaii,  Oahu, and Maui. I wish we’d looked into these passes on our last visit to Oahu – they could have saved us some $$.


Get a house or apartment to save on accommodation and food

Surprisingly, we’ve often found that renting an entire condo, house or apartment isn’t much more expensive than a hotel room. Even better, a vacation home or condo lets you prepare food and drinks, saving money. Sure, most folks don’t want to slave in the kitchen on vacation, but having snacks, drinks and easy breakfast options on hand can save a lot of money and hassle when you’re traveling with kids, especially for first time family travelers.

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Travel before your kids are two to save on airfare

If you’re looking at expensive airfares for trips to places Barbados or Iceland, consider traveling before your kids turn two. For most airlines, babies travel for free on an adults lap. Plus, most airlines let you check strollers and car seats for free.

Use your kids carry on allowance to save on baggage fees

Many airlines still allow each traveler a carry on item PLUS a smaller personal item for free. Take advantage of your kids carry-on and personal item allowance, rather than paying extra for checking larger suitcases. This works best if one or more of your kids is big enough to pull along their own carry-on suitcase.

Travel off peak times to save money on everything

Many travelers think that family travel means only traveling with your kids during school break, summer holidays, Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Unfortunately, travel during peak times like these means that you’ll be paying often two to ten times more for everything from flights to hotel rooms to meals. Plus, travel during peak times means more lineups in the airport and at attractions, and generally a busier, more stressful experience. If there’s any way you can wiggle your travel dates to some time other than peak season, do it and you’ll save lot of money.


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Do you have any tips to save money on family vacations? Let us know!

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