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Not some nifty new on-line feature that is going to magically dispense knowledge to you. Definitely not something created that will give you all the answers to the unanswered questions. Nothing fancy about The Knowledge Vault. Simply your mind on overload is all that is needed and the time it will take you to read this post and implement the ideas.

Yes, there is reading involved, even after all the work you have gone through. We know your school year is dwindling to an end, but now is the best time to lift open your top and scoop out all of the knowledge you have stored so that is can be stored in a more secure location, for future reference of course.

Now, The Knowledge Vault is not my idea, just a post by Cal Newport @ StudyHacks that I stumbled upon really by accident. I’m glad that I did because not only can I stick this information in front of you, I can try to implement it within my own college courses. The great point about this process it can easily be converted for use by the high school student.

Maybe I should try this on my 12-year-old. See if he is actually retaining anything being taught throughout the school year.

Although clearly written for the over-schooled, no-time college student trying to hopefully retain some sort of information they, or their parents, paid good money for, the behind-the-scenes is solid and the process can really be used for almost anyone wanting to retain key information. Put the concept to use and see if it works for you.

Do you have process for keeping key information after the semester is up? Share your thoughts with us.

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