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It can be difficult to find solutions that will help your child stay on top of upcoming school assignments. More difficult is the task of making sure your student doesn’t miss a group assignment when they can’t actually be with the group members. If only there were a free whiteboard that could be used in real-time that will let us see each others ideas and add our own?

Well guess what, there is!

Twiddla is exactly what you are looking for in a school tool that will help your child be a part of their group, but be in a completely different part of the city. Twiddla’s own Web site acknowledges the software as, “a free, no-setup, web-based meeting playground.” That it is. Nothing to download, you just go to the site and get started.

With the web-based real-time feature the excuse of, “I can’t make it tonight,” when a group project is in the works just wont work anymore. That is the great thing about Twiddla, you can do your work from different parts of the city and won’t ever have to miss an important review and everyone will still be accountable and receive credit.

At the group’s desired meeting time, everyone will meet on-line at Twiddla’s Web site and log into their group discussion. Not only is a whiteboard available to use, there is also text and chat options so the entire group can ‘talk’ right at the whiteboard location. There is audio chat as well to take the time out of typing.

A great tool for a student to keep on top of group projects. Also a great option for a tutor. If for some reason the tutor and client can’t meet face-to-face for a scheduled meeting, an on-line whiteboard would be a great alternative to a normal meeting.

There are a ton of options when it comes to Twiddla. Take is for a test run and see how easy it is to use.

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