Essential Nutrients

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We are all concerned about making sure that not only do our children receive the proper nutrition, that we maintain a healthy lifestyle to be here for our children. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will give you your best defense and allow you to lead a healthy life. Eating a proper diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and meats will give you your best source of vitamins, but there might be one time when your Doctor wants to supplement your nutritional intake.

There are a ton of vitamins and each perform a separate task, but many may need a vitamin partner to properly be absorbed within the body. How does each work? What is the difference between B6 and B12? How many times are you just unsure about what each vitamin is and what each does? There are a ton of questions and hopefully we will be able to give you a base to begin your answer journey.

Here at The Parent Spot we will give you some basic information pertaining to each vitamin to help you create some deep questions to pose to your Physician. Maybe you are already on a supplement and just want to further your understanding of each vitamin. Either way, each vitamin will be discussed, including benefits and risks, as well as offer a guide to the most common foods each vitamin can be found in.

As each vitamin is included in The Parent Spot, we will not only link to it within the appropriate category, we will offer a direct link from this post to each vitamin.

This information is offered to you as information only and should not be considered medical advice. Please consult your medical professional for information and or questions.

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