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Domestic violence has been all over the news lately, with video of football player Ray Rice hitting his then fiance in an elevator.

It’s a graphic, disturbing video that confronts anyone who watches it with the reality of domestic violence.

But what we can’t see on the Ray Rice video is the financial abuse that happens in 98% of all cases of domestic violence. Financial abuse is an insidious form of control, and abusers use it to keep their victims trapped. 

How can you help?  Just go to between now and Oct 03 2014 and make a donation. 


Think about it. How many times have you heard a woman say she couldn’t leave an abusive relationship because she didn’t know how she’d support herself or her children? 

I’ve heard it a lot.  I bet you have too.

The Allstate Foundation has created the Purple Purse Challenge campaign to bring awareness to women’s financial abuse, and to help women in need.

Why a purple purse?

The purse was created to represent the center of a woman’s financial domain and to inspire women to reclaim their financial independence. 

Emmy-nominated actress and domestic violence activist Kerry Washington is the Purple Purse ambassador, acting to help raise awareness for the cause.

Kerry designed the limited-edition purple purse.

Purple Purse ambassador Kerry Washington

Purple Purse ambassador Kerry Washington

The purse I designed for Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is a fashion statement that carries with it an important message. Purple is the color of domestic violence awareness and a woman’s purse is a strong symbol of where she carries her power. Financial well-being, a sense of ownership and a sense of self, reside in our purses. I am extremely proud to wear it and to know that it will increase awareness and create conversations around this important issue. – Kerry Washington

The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse aims to break the cycle of violence in our nation – one family at a time.

What does the  Allstate Foundation Purple Purse program do?

The program raises funds for more than 140 national, state and local domestic violence organizations.

Funds raised will support life-changing financial empowerment services to help domestic violence survivors build safer lives for themselves and their families. 

Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $40 million across the country to help domestic violence survivors regain control of their finances and break free from abuse.

Did you know?

  • Domestic violence affects one in four women in her lifetime – that’s more women than breast cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer combined.
  • Most people think only of physical abuse when they consider domestic violence. Yet, financial abuse happens in 98% of all cases of domestic violence and is one of the most powerful ways to keep a victim trapped.
  • The number one reason domestic violence survivors stay, leave or return to an abusive relationship is that they don’t have the financial resources to break free.

How can you help?

It’s simple. Just go to between now and Oct 03 2014 and make a donation.

You can help ensure domestic violence survivors – likely someone you know – aren’t financially trapped in an abusive relationship by joining the Purple Purse Challenge. Open your heart and wallet to stand up for survivors and the organizations that serve them at

The Allstate Foundation is investing more than half a million dollars in the Purple Purse Challenge. The more donations each nonprofit gets, the more it can compete for Allstate Foundation incentive funding.  



If you or someone you know needs immediate help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224.

Visit now to learn more, and to make a donation to help victims of domestic violence.


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