The Fuzzy Critters Multiplayer Match 3 App Review for Family Fun

by M Caroline
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Here’s our family’s personal Fuzzy Critters Multiplayer Match 3 App review. Do you love video games? A fan of all that’s fuzzy and cute?

Us too, especially our nine year old daughter, who’s a huge fan of anything to do with animals or general cuteness.

So when we showed her the free Fuzzy Critters – Multiplayer Match 3 app, she loved it instantly.

Fuzzy Critters App Fun

Want to check out Fuzzy Critters for yourself? Download on iTunes or Google Play.

It’s got everything she loves in a game: great characters, a fun story line, and challenging but fun game play.

Fuzzy Critters Multiplayer Match 3 App Review

I really love that it’s a multi-player game, so she can have fun with her brother and friends, and even me! You can also play single player games.

Parents will be happy to know that there’s private chat available.

Fuzzy Critters

I’m honestly not a huge gamer. My kids, however, are huge video game fans. I usually play a video game with them for a bit, and then get bored within a minute and go do something else.

My daughter insisted I try out Fuzzy Critters with her, and it only took a few minutes and I was having a blast playing along with her. My only warning is that it’s fun and pretty addictive (but in a good way)!

I’ve even been playing it by myself when I’m waiting in line at Costco, or in line to pick up the kids at school. That’s unheard of, since I hardly ever game!

Fuzzy Critters App Fun

How do you play?

First, download the app on  iTunes or Google Play.

Then, you’ll need to sign in with your Google Account.

To start, you choose your favorite fuzzy critter that you’d like to play as. I decided to play as Whiskers, an adorable green eyed kitten, while my little one played as Rufus the dog.

Fuzzy Critters Screenshot_rufus

Then, you match three colored keys to move your pet to the end of the pipe on your way to combat and defeat the mean bosses. There’s a quick tutorial below that shows how to play.

The game play itself is colorful and fun, and you get rewarded with a safe full of goodies at the end of every mission.

To make it even more fun, you can take part in fuzzy championships.

The fuzzy championships take place every weekend, and it’s a fun way to compete against friends, family, and colleagues. Keep in touch with them by using global chat or private chat.

Plus, to make it extra fun, you can even win great prizes!

You can download Fuzzy Critters Mobile app for FREE on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Fuzzy Critters is free to play but there’s a cost for some optional in-game items.

Fuzzy Critters App Fun

Want to learn more about Fuzzy Critters?

Check them out on the Fuzzy Critters website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter.

Content Rating: Everyone

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We have been compensated by Fuzzy Critters for this post, but all opinions are our own.

fuzzy critters game app for kids for family fun

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