Play Time in Florida

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When it’s time to play, there is no better place that Florida. Ponce de Leon was on to something when he went searching there for the Fountain of Youth. While no magical waters were ever actually found to truly exist, the state’s numerous travel destinations still offer plenty of exciting ways to unlock the enthusiasm of youthful energy.

The warm climate lends itself to outdoor fun. The endless miles of ocean beaches surround the entire peninsula. You may prefer to simply relax in the sun or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the sand. For the more adventurous, there are day sailing charters, interactions with dolphins, and horseback riding services nearby.

The variety of food that can be found through Florida is supported by its ethnic diversity and the close relationship the people enjoy with the ocean. Some of the best seafood in the country comes from restaurants in the region and nearly every city is proud of its own specialty dish. Open air farmers markets are common, and you can pick up your own fresh produce whenever you like.

The state is home to many popular sporting teams as well, and there is always plenty of excitement for the entire family to be found in the world class theme parks.

It’s time to get out and have some fun. Explore Florida for yourself. To get a better idea of what waits for you in the sunshine state, check out the infographic below.

Florida infographic