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Product Reviews

Would you like to have your product reviewed on The Parent Spot?

All companies must submit free of charge to The Parent Spot one (1) item they would like reviewed. Once the product has been reviewed, a fair and honest evaluation will be posted. Please do not automatically assume your product will receive a favorable review.

Yes, we are a parenting blog, but we are all people and not just parents. If you are unsure if your item would fit within our blog, please contact us and we can give you a quick assessment and let you know. We would like a range of products, so even if your item is not necessarily ‘parent’ it could possibly still fit.

Once you have determined you would like our blog to review your product, contact us to arrange shipping to the appropriate address. Please note, your product will not be returned once reviewed.


You know that we have readers that love to win stuff! Well, The Parent Spot loves to give stuff away! Offering a product for a contest here at The Parent Spot is a great way to gain new customers and to have them keep coming back!

If you would like to offer a product for a contest, please let us know. We can discuss together how to make the contest mutually beneficial for both. Please note, that once the contest has run, we ask that the sponsor company ship the prize to the winner directly.