The Night Knights Book and Story to Help Kids Sleep Better

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In this article, we review the Night Knights book and story, which are designed to help your kids fall asleep more easily.

What’s the secret to putting your kids to bed every night?

Well, it’s proven that a night time routine helps children both mentally and physically quiet down.

That means putting the electronics away early since many kids who game right up to bed have a tougher time falling asleep. This is definitely true with our kids and the game systems get shut down hours before bedtime.

The Knight Nights

The Night Knights Book and Story

For many families, the bedtime routine can vary. We’ve heard of families who exercise together, prepare the next day’s lunches together, play a card or board game together, watch some family television, or give the kids a nice warm bath.

In our house, our bedtime routine begins with a quick late night snack and having the kids brush their teeth. Lastly, we always lay down with our kids and ask them how their day went. Finally, without fail, we always read or tell them a story before bed.

Our oldest son most often reads to himself, but our daughter still loves to curl up on the bed and listens with rapt attention as we weave a tale that leaves her pondering as she drifts off to sleep.

The Knight Nights Sir and Lady Sleep-a-Lot

She still likes us to stick around as she falls asleep, however there was a time when staying in the room with her was mandatory otherwise she’d be out of bed in an instant.

Many children are a little scared of the dark and need a little more security than a night light alone or a nearby parent can provide.

So what’s a parent with a child who is scared of the dark to do? Well, there are many solutions, but one that stands out for little ones with a fear of the dark that we’ve recently discovered is the Night Knights.

The Night Knights guard your children’s rooms at night and help keep their fears at bay. Unlike the dozens of stuffies that litter our children’s bedrooms, the Night Knight is singularly charged with protection duty and has a solemn vow to ensure that our kids remain safe throughout the night. They also help guard the room during the day.

What are Night Knights?

The Night Knights are two well made stuffies aptly named Sir Sleep-A-Lot and Lady Sleep-A-Lot. Together or alone they give your little ones the extra security and comfort they need to battle any night time scaries that lurk under their bed or in their closet.

Together with the story book, the Night Knights bring a sense of wonder and comfort to that scary moment when the lights go out.

The Knight Nights book

Little ones will love the story of each knight’s mission to secure and protect the children they’ve sworn to defend, and each book contains a special knighting section that helps your children and the Night Knights bond on a personal level.

Parents will love that it’s another tool in the parenting kid that helps give their children the tools to deal with bedtime worries. They’ll also enjoy thinking of scenarios in which the Night Knights keep the children safe.

Sir Sleep-A-Lot of the Knight Nights
Sir Sleep-A-Lot of the Knight Nights

The kids will also love that they have a sworn knight personally sent to defend them and will marvel at all the dangers they discover that their Night Knights have protected them from when morning dawns. That right, sometimes the Knights have to defend the children from such dangers as overly large stuffed animals, or dangerous book ends.

Lady Sleep-A-Lot

The beauty of the Night Knights is it’s all about imagination and it’s our children’s imaginations that give them the greatest grief at night. So get your kids to combat fear the same way a knight would and see what a Night Knight can do for them.

How to get the Knight Nights

The Knight Nights are currently being funded via IndieGoGo. You can check out and order your very own here.

They’re sure to become a huge hit with families everywhere and you can check out their website to find out all about them and their availability on the Knight Night’s website here.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.

Lady and Sir Sleep-A-Lot of the Knight Nights
Lady and Sir Sleep-A-Lot of the Knight Nights

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