Emojis Parents Should Know: Unlock the Emoji Code

by Micki
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Welcome, weary parents of the digital age!

You’ve mastered the art of hiding your confusion while your teen types away in what seems like hieroglyphics. You’ve even bravely ventured into using the thumbs-up symbol, and maybe, just maybe, you’ve sent an occasional smiley face.

But let’s face it, these little icons are like a whole new language that the younger generation speaks fluently while we’re still stuck at ‘hello.’

Emojis Parents Should Know - young woman on yellow background with happy emoji

Don’t worry! This is your handy-dandy guide to becoming an ‘Emoji Master,’ or at least to not embarrassing yourself when texting your kids.

From the elusive eggplant and peach symbols to the deceptively simple skull symbol, we’ll decode what they really mean. And yes, we’re keeping it as PG as we can, folks—so buckle up and prepare for a wild, whimsical journey through the pixels and Unicode that make up the world of these tiny, expressive symbols.

Why should parents bother with emojis at all

Emojis are incredibly common in communications among younger people, especially. In fact, according to ExpressVPN’s study, over 95% of internet users having used an emoji at some point.

But wait, why should you, the all-knowing parent, even bother understanding these digital doodles?

Better communication

Great question! For starters, mastering the emoji lexicon is like acquiring a superpower for improved communication. Imagine not having to prod your teen with a ‘What do you mean?’ text—priceless, right?

Emojis kids use - kid on smartphone


Secondly, let’s talk safety. Some emojis have secret identities as symbols for risky or even inappropriate activities. A savvy parent is a safer parent.

Let’s delve into the tricky business of double or triple meanings! Just like a secret agent with multiple aliases, some of these tiny icons lead surprisingly complicated lives. What you think is a harmless vegetable or fruit can be a loaded message in teen-speak.

So tread carefully and consult this guide; we’ll help you avoid those cringe-worthy ‘Parent Text Fails’ that become the stuff of family legend.

Let’s double-click on safety for a moment. Yes, we’re talking about sex and drugs here. An innocent-looking flower or a simple leaf can sometimes be a covert nod to substances you’d rather not have your child experimenting with. Many common emojis have a second meaning amongst drug dealers.

And let’s not even get started on the emojis that have sexual connotations.

Parents, this is a code red! It’s not about snooping; it’s about being aware. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to have those important, albeit awkward, conversations with your teen. A savvy parent is a safer parent, and a safer parent sleeps a little better at night.

Emotional insights

But there’s more. Emojis are the mood rings of the 21st century; they give instant emotional insight. If your kid sends a string of sad or angry faces, it’s like an emotional Bat-Signal demanding your parental wisdom.

Better communication

And let’s not underestimate the power of avoiding misinterpretation. Nobody wants to be the star of a viral ‘Parent Text Fail’ just because they used an emoji incorrectly.

Get on your kid’s wavelength

Finally, let’s be honest, being emoji-savvy will make you the ‘cool parent.’ Understanding this modern-day shorthand can strengthen your relationship with your tech-tethered teen, making you not just a parent, but also a relatable human in their eyes.

Emojis Parents Should Know

Here it is, our quick start guide to the essential emojis parents should know!

Emojis Parents should know

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