The 10 Best Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

by Micki
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Balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with a passion for travel can seem daunting, but it’s not impossible.

In today’s world, more parents are finding ways to blend family life with their love for exploration. This list is tailored for those who dream of traveling the globe without compromising their family commitments. Here, we delve into 10 career paths that offer flexibility, adventure, and the opportunity to show your children the wonders of the world.

The 10 Best Travel Jobs for Families

Let’s explore the 10 best jobs that cater to those who live to travel.

The 10 best travel jobs for families

English Teacher Abroad

Teaching English in a foreign country is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in a new culture while working. Countries like Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam offer lucrative opportunities, often with accommodation included. You can even teach English in China if you’d like!

Teaching English abroad offers a fantastic opportunity to combine work and travel. This career path is not only about instructing in the English language; it’s about cultural exchange. English teachers abroad often work in schools, language institutes, or even through private tutoring in countries where English is not the primary language.

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Travel Blogger/Influencer

Unsurprisingly, being a travel blogger or influencer tops our list. This role allows you to share your travel experiences with a wide audience. However, it often takes time to build a following, and there’s a reasonably high degree of risk here, as you’re essentially self-employed..

Bloggers and influencers often collaborate with tourism boards, travel agencies, hotels, and brands to promote destinations or products. This partnership can take many forms, from sponsored posts and social media endorsements to creating detailed travel guides and reviews.

While the lifestyle of a travel blogger or influencer can be unpredictable and requires a lot of hard work behind the scenes, it provides a unique platform to turn travel experiences into a sustainable career and a way of life for the whole family.

Road trip through Saskatchewan

Flight Attendant or Pilot

For those who love the idea of being in a different city every night, becoming a flight attendant or pilot is ideal. The job comes with the perk of discounted or free flights for you and your family.

Embracing a career as a flight attendant or pilot not only satisfies the itch to travel but also brings a sense of adventure to your everyday life. Imagine having Paris, Tokyo, or New York as your office backdrop – this is the reality for those in the aviation industry. For parents, the allure of this career extends beyond personal wanderlust; it’s about opening doors to global experiences for your family. The benefits often include heavily discounted or even free flights for immediate family members, making family vacations more accessible and frequent.

Tour Guide

For those who revel in sharing stories and connecting with people, a career as a tour guide can be incredibly rewarding. This job is perfect for individuals with a deep appreciation for history, culture, and the arts. As a tour guide, your role transcends mere narration; you become an ambassador of the place, bringing its history, culture, and stories to life for visitors.

Tour guiding offers a diverse range of opportunities. You could specialize in historical tours, where you might find yourself walking the cobbled streets of Rome, recounting tales of the ancient Roman Empire. Each corner in a city like Rome or London is steeped in history, offering endless material for engaging and educational tours.

things to do with kids in Ireland - Dublin Street
Travel in Dublin.

Alternatively, if adventure calls to you, consider guiding in places like New Zealand, known for its breathtaking landscapes and thrilling outdoor activities. Here, you could lead hiking tours through the majestic Southern Alps, kayak along pristine fjords, or guide thrill-seekers through famous movie set locations.

The beauty of being a tour guide is the flexibility it offers, especially for parents. You can often set your schedule, making it easier to balance family commitments. Moreover, it provides a fantastic opportunity to involve your family in your travels, exposing them to different cultures and histories.

Digital Nomad

The digital nomad lifestyle encompasses various job roles, from writing and graphic design to software development. As long as you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection, the world is your office.

or families, this nomadic lifestyle can be both educational and enriching. Children get the opportunity to experience new cultures, languages, and environments, receiving a global education that goes beyond traditional schooling. Parents, on the other hand, don’t have to sacrifice career progression or income for travel. They can continue to develop professionally while also being present for their family.

Why you need to take an Iceland family vacation, with father and child looking at icebergs in jokulsarlon lagoon in Iceland

Cruise Ship Worker

Working on a cruise ship is another excellent way to see the world. Jobs range from entertainment to hospitality and often include room and board.

For parents, working on a cruise ship can offer a unique lifestyle. While the job does require being away from home for extended periods, it also provides a chance to save money due to fewer living expenses while on board. Furthermore, many cruise lines offer family-friendly contracts, allowing workers to bring their family members on board for free or at a significantly reduced cost. This can be an excellent way for families to experience travel together.

Consider cruise doctor jobs as an option if you have medical qualifications and enjoy the idea of traveling while working.

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Aerial View of Tropical espadilla beach and Coastline near the Manuel Antonio national park, Costa Rica.

International Aid Worker

For those who want to make a difference, working with organizations like the United Nations or Red Cross can be rewarding. These roles often take you to various countries, providing aid and assistance.

For parents, this career can be both challenging and rewarding. While it may involve periods away from home and working in difficult conditions, it also offers a powerful way to instill values of empathy, global awareness, and the importance of giving back in their children.

Travel Photographer

If you have a knack for photography, becoming a travel photographer can turn your hobby into a career. From capturing wildlife in Africa to documenting life in the streets of Paris, this job is as diverse as it is exciting.

While it may require time away on assignments, it also provides opportunities to bring family along on journeys, exposing them to different cultures and experiences from a young age. This exposure can be profoundly educational for children, teaching them adaptability, appreciation for diversity, and an understanding of global issues.

However, it’s important to note that this career demands a high level of dedication and passion, as it can involve irregular hours, extensive travel, and the need to constantly adapt to new environments and challenges.

Despite these challenges, travel photography can be incredibly rewarding, offering a lifetime of adventure and the chance to share those experiences with your family.

Foreign Service Officer

Working for your country’s foreign service, such as the U.S. Department of State, involves a lot of travel. These roles can include anything from diplomatic service to international relations.

Pursuing a career as a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) offers a unique blend of diplomatic engagement and international travel. FSOs represent their home country in embassies and consulates around the world, working in various capacities such as political affairs, economic interests, consular services, and public diplomacy.

For parents, this career path can offer their families a truly international experience, with the opportunity to live in different countries, learn new languages, and immerse in diverse cultures. This exposure can be invaluable for children, providing them with a broad, global perspective and the ability to adapt to new environments. However, the life of an FSO can also involve challenges, such as dealing with bureaucratic complexities and adjusting to life in new and sometimes challenging environments.

Travel Nurse

For those with a background in healthcare, becoming a travel nurse offers a unique blend of professional stability and adventure. Travel nurses are in high demand and have the opportunity to work in different locations for short-term assignments. This role not only provides a chance to explore new places but also to make a meaningful impact in various communities, all while maintaining a career in nursing.

These 10 jobs demonstrate that it’s possible to quench your thirst for travel and maintain a family-friendly lifestyle. While juggling travel and parenting is challenging, the experiences and lessons learned are priceless, creating lifelong memories for you and your children. Finding the best travel jobs is possible!

Here’s to finding a career that keeps the whole family on an exciting journey!

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