Our Delicious Raspberry Recipe Collection

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Not much is as delicious as a bright red raspberry. We LOVE raspberries here, and make a lot of tasty raspberry concoctions, which inspired us to create this delicious raspberry recipe collection.

Raspberries are full of antioxidants, and they pair beautifully with both savory and sweet recipes. Chocolate and raspberries have gone together for ages, but did you realize that a beautiful mix of raspberry and beans makes a wonderful salsa dip? What about lemon and raspberry for your favorite cake? 

25 delicious raspberry recipes raspberry recipe collection


  1. Amazing Raspberry Cake
  2. Chocolate Cheesecake Stuffed Raspberries
  3. Raspberry Rose Cupcakes
  4. Skinny Chocolate Raspberry Pie Cups
  5. Raspberry Chicken with Roasted Rosemary Squash
  6. Raspberry Filled White Chocolate Buttercream Cupcakes
  7. Raspberry Shooters
  8. Easy Peach Raspberry Smoothie
  9. Raspberry Pie Recipe
  10. Raspberry, Fennel, Apricot and Feta Salad
  11. Pistachio And Raspberry Gratins
  12. Raspberry Pinwheel Cookies
  13. Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake
  14. Lemon Curd And Raspberry Mini Cupcakes
  15. Raspberry Tea Floats
  16. Raspberry Vanilla Overnight Oatmeal
  17. Raspbery Black Bean Dip
  18. Mini Cheesecake With Raspberries
  19. Trop50 Raspberry Acai Smoothie
  20. Raspberry Lemon Bundt Cake
  21. Raspberry Truffle Brownies
  22. Chocolate Raspberry Trifle
  23. Chocolate Raspberry Love Cookies
  24. Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookies
  25. Raspberry Cheesecake Mini Jar Dessert

Tip! Next time raspberries are on sale, stock up to create your favorites of these great recipes.

Raspberry Recipes: Top 50 Most Delicious Raspberry Recipes (Recipe Top 50’s Book 56)

Go outside your comfort zone by adding them to a sauce on your next chicken or pork dish. Layer with cake, cream and chocolate for a sweet and beautiful trifle.

This delicious raspberry recipe collection will quickly become your go to  for impressing dinner guests. Raspberry recipes always they pop with color against your entree or dessert, and are widely loved as an accompaniment that makes every meal feel special.

Raspberries are the quintessential fruit to have on hand for any and all dinner parties, events or simply for snacks for the family. Not only do they offer huge flavor, they offer you and your family great health benefits.


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