The Best Places to Explore in the Mediterranean with Kids

by M Caroline
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For years, we’ve talked about taking a boat out on the water in the Mediterranean with the kids.

The idea of enjoying the best Mediterranean beaches, basking in Mediterranean sunshine, and taking in all the art and culture of this region is definitely more than a little tempting. Plus, the Mediterranean is home to some of the most amazing food and outdoor cafes in the world.

Honestly, can you imagine how wonderful it would be to charter your own boat and cruise across water this crystal clear and blue?

The best places to explore in the Mediterranean with kids

Here are our top places we’d like to explore in the Mediterranean with kids.

Corfu, Greece

The island is perfect for a lazy vacation spent taking in the beauty of the seascape as well as for time spent actively exploring the region. The area gives home to plenty of family-friendly resorts, such as Agios Gordios or Sidara. It’s also one of the most popular places to visit on a Mediterranean cruise.

The sunshine and the view are enough to fill in your entire vacation, but if you are looking for other activities as well, you can join an organized boat ride to see the coast from the water or you can go horseback riding in the surrounding hills, or just enjoy some of the world’s best Mediterranean food. We love easy vegetarian meals like these at home, so it’s a real treat to have the authentic Greek version whenever we can.

sea bay waterfront beach corfu greece Pxaby

Sardinia, Italy

As the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has a lot to offer to families with kids of any age.

The east is more suited for families with older kids who enjoy climbing and cave exploring, the northeast offers varied entertainment, such as dolphin spotting and wildlife excursions, while the west is the best place for teens interested in water sports.

sardinia italy pxaby

Mallorca, Spain

Small wonder the Balearic island is among the most popular vacation destinations for families from all over the world – the beaches covered in the softest sand are safe for very young kids as well, while older kids can enjoy horseback riding, paddle boarding and kayaking.

mallorca tram

Menorca, Spain

Another jewel of the Balears, Menorca gives home to great family-friendly resorts, with hotels for any budget.

The island is ideal for those who already love kayaking or want to get the taste of the sport – there are lots of guided tours available, all led by experienced and helpful guides who are great teachers as well. The island has a rich archaeological heritage as well – families with teen kids interested in history can take guided jeep tours to learn about the island’s past, while also enjoying the scenery.



The archipelago located between Sicily and the northern coast of Africa is safe, easy to get to and it has a lot to offer not only for families that want to enjoy the sun and the sea, but also for those interested in culture and history.

Malta also gives home to Popeye Village, the set where the film Popeye was shot – the place was built in the 1980’s and it delights kids and adults with animation shows, a spectacular mini-golf course, pools, water games, even a comic museum. The principal island is surrounded by lots of smaller formations that can be visited by boat – Comino with the Blue Lagoon or Gozo with Dwejra Bay are just two examples.


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Oh my gosh, these beaches look wonderful – even for a solo traveler!


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