What to Do in Hobart Tasmania: Our Favorite Things

by Micki
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Wondering what to do in Hobart?

This Australian city sits on the island of Tasmania, and it’s packed with plenty of fun activities, both indoor and outdoor. Set against the backdrop of 1,270 meter high Mount Wellington, Hobart has great views, hiking and cycling opportunities abound, and there are plenty of places to grab a bite in town.

What to Do in Hobart Tasmania

Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Hobart, with plenty of sightseeing and outdoor adventure opportunities. We’d suggest staying in the CBD (Central Business District), but there are plenty of amazing places to stay in Hobart outside of the CBD as well, so find the right hotel for you.


Visit Port Arthur

The World Heritage site is stunningly beautiful while also being a bit sinister.

The port comprises 30 buildings that were constructed during the British Empire era to serve as a penal facility. Some buildings are now restored, while others remain in ruins.

If you are interested in the region’s history, you can take one of the guided tours to the prison area or to the Isle of the Dead Cemetery or you can join a Ghost Tour after dark.

Visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The 14-hectare site opened its gates in 1818 and it is a wonderful place to explore the native Tasmanian flora.

The garden is home to the only Subantarctic Plant House in the world, a spectacular building that has been designed to replicate the climate as well as the appearance of Macquarie Island, an island halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica.

Take a Tour of Cascade Brewery

Making and savoring beer is an integral part of Australian culture and history and the best way to take a glimpse of traditional manufacturing processes and to sample the end product is surely to visit an old brewery.

A tour to the Cascade Brewery gives you the opportunity to visit beautifully restored colonial architecture, to see the Woodstock gardens in the neighborhood and to sample refreshing Cascade beer.

Cascade Brewery in Hobart Australia

Visit the Boborong Wildlife Sanctuary

The most famous creature of the region is surely the Tasmanian devil, the carnivorous marsupial the size of a small dog.

The emblematic creature, along with other popular and world-famous endemic species, such as the wombat or the wallaby, have everything they can possibly need for a happy life in the sanctuary. Many of them are also very tame, so if you take one of the guided tours through the park, chances are that you will also be able to feed them.


Climb Mount Wellington

The top of the formation is 1271 meters above sea level and can be reached on foot, by bike or by taking one of the shuttles that go all the way up.

When you get there, you will surely see why the peak is the preferred destination of so many locals and tourists – the panoramic vista is more than spectacular, with a dramatic view over the city, the harbor and the entire region. The weather might be changing quickly around the peak, so it is a good idea to check the forecast before setting off, but don’t worry, the area has lots of shelters where you can refuge yourself.

Browse art galleries and grab a coffee at Salamanca Place

Fashionable Salamanca Place market is the perfect place to check out a local art gallery. While you’re there, grab a coffee at one of the many local cafes, and check out the old sandstone warehouses.

coffee laptop dessert pastry

Walk around Battery Point

Battery Point is the perfect area in Hobart for a leisurely walking tour. It’s a historic district, making for attractive views of narrow lanes and colonial-era cottages.

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What to do in Hobart Tasmania

What’s your favorite place to visit in Hobart? Let us know in the comments below!

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