3 Great Benefits of Taking Your Family on A Motorhome Vacation

by TheParentSpot
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Photo by James West on Flickr

Photo by James West on Flickr

Many people are taking to the road full time and spend their days exploring the country in a motorhome, but if that seems too extreme to you right now, then how about a vacation?

You might be surprised to know that there is a growing trend in motorhome vacations with more people taking to the open road for a holiday with their family. So what are the benefits of taking a vacation in a motorhome, as opposed to booking into a hotel?

A motorhome feels just like home

When you rent a motorhome for your vacation, you can take along lots of belongings, which make your motorhome feel just like home. You don’t have to worry about overweight suitcases at the airport and fretting over what to pack and what to leave behind.

With a campervan you can take whatever you want (within reason of course), which takes a lot of the stress away from vacation packing. Does your children have a special pillows or doona they just can’t live without? No problem – because with a motorhome you can pack it in the back and put the pedal to the metal.

All the comforts of home on wheels

Photo by Dave Young on Flickr

Photo by Dave Young on Flickr

If you have always stayed in hotels, you might not realise how comfortable a motorhome can actually be for your family. For example, you have bathroom and shower facilities, really good sized beds, a dining and lounge area, as well as a high quality kitchen, fridge and freezer, fresh water (hot and cold) and even a TV!

You can even hire RVs with external awnings and have a family BBQ outside or just take it easy in the shade, while the kids are off exploring the immediate area.

Freedom and the open road

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There is nothing quite like being in complete control of your vacation and stopping off wherever you want and for as long as you want. A motorhome is a great way to discover the countryside and the great outdoors, all in your own time. You can visit national parks, go fishing or swimming, stop off at a local museum along the way or book in a park overlooking the ocean.

You can drive for as long as you like and stop whenever the feeling takes you or when you spot something interesting along the way. You don’t even have to have a specific destination in mind, just pick a point on the compass and head in that direction.

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