Why Online Counseling Therapy May Be Right for You

by Micki
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Have you ever wondered if online counseling is right for you?

Online counseling, distance therapy, or online psychotherapy, no matter what it’s called – it’s undeniable that counseling online is more and more popular every year.

There are some good reasons why online therapy is becoming more and more mainstream. Online therapy can have some real advantages, including convenience, privacy, and easy access.

6 Reasons Why Online Counseling May be Right for You

Here are six of the best reasons why you might want to consider online counseling.

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You have a busy schedule

For those who have a busy schedule and have no time to go to a therapist during regular business hours, online counseling provides the flexibility need to still take care of their mental health and well-being. To the same extent, this solution would apply to those who are often on the road traveling and who find it difficult to schedule more traditional therapy sessions.

You don’t feel comfortable speaking face-to-face about your troubles

If someone has serious emotional trauma, simply speaking to someone about what happened can be extremely difficult, and can even be a serious barrier to getting help.

Online counseling, because it can be done over the phone or even by text, usually gives the feeling of safety and anonymity, removing the intimidating feeling of having to confess problems to someone face to face. 

You need immediate support

Because they don’t have a traditional office visit setup, online therapists can often be available to their clients on short notice, especially if the problem is serious. Therefore, they will try to respond to their patient’s messages or calls in a very short time, unlike the classic method, where a visit to a the therapist involves booking the session in advance.

You have physical disabilities

People with physical disabilities can benefit greatly from online counseling. For them, trip to a therapist’s office can be extremely difficult, tiring and even painful, so online counseling could be the ideal solution, as they can speak to a professional and get help from the comfort of their home, whenever it’s most convenient.

You don’t want others to know you are seeking help

For people living in small communities, where all members know each other, the idea of using a therapist can generate prejudices.

Even if you’re not in a small town, you may not want others to know that you’re seeking help, if you’re afraid of being judged. You may even worry that your employment may be jeopardized by seeking help.

Unfortunately, there are still are people who do not understand the role of therapy and judge others who seek counseling. In such situations, using online counseling could be the ideal solution to have intimacy and prevent social prejudice. 

You live in a remote area

For those who live in areas farther away from the city, the trip to a counselor can possibly take hours (or more) and can cost you a lot in the long run.

The possibility of an online adviser can save time for those who need advice and answers to their problems and feel the need to see a therapist, but don’t have anybody they can reach out to close by.

Bonus reason! Affordability

Online counseling can be a lot more affordable than counseling in a traditional setting. The counselor doesn’t need to pay for expensive office space, and also doesn’t need to pay for a receptionist, making costs lower.

Many counselors will also offer a reduced rate to online patients, since the counselors also appreciate the ability to set their own schedule or work from home.

Are you interested in working as a counselor?

Want to learn more? Check out this article to find out more about online counseling jobs.

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