Are You A Netflix Cheater, Too? #StreamTeam

by Micki
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I have to confess.

I’m a Netflix cheater.

My hubby is always resolute and faithful. He insists that we watch everything together.

Me? I’m a little more impatient. I find it a lot harder to wait for him to watch the next episode of the show we’re streaming together.

So… I cheat.

It seems I’m not alone! It turns out that 37% of Canadians couples stream behind each other’s backs.

I honestly find it hard to blame someone for Netflix cheating.

I’ve even been known to stream ahead of my kids. 

Seems I’m a serial cheater. And I’m not alone. 30% of streaming couples have cheated four times or more.

Cheating has become more socially acceptable in Canada, with 57% saying streaming ahead is “not bad at all.”

Now, there are some others who disagree, like the 7% of streaming couples who think watching ahead is worse than having a real affair.


Want to see what’s worth cheating for? Check out Netflix.

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