A Longer Life

A Longer Life

by TheParentSpot
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We are human and as such we continue to try and find the miracle cure-all that will keep us young, beautiful and wrinkle-free. Unfortunately, that pill has yet to be created, but there are a few tips that you can act on now to help you live a longer life and be completely better for what you have done – no pill required!

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I read an article by Gary Small, 5 Essential Strategies to Combat Aging, and enjoyed the fact that he wasn’t saying drink this, eat that, or take this to live better, but he is giving up daily tips to implement within our lives starting now, that are things we can do without having to purchase that latest fad.

Control has everything to do with living better and longer.  Control over how you think, behave, work and play.  The jest of Gary’s article is laid out into five steps:

  1. Sharpen your mind
  2. Cultivate healthy relationships
  3. Reduce stress
  4. Think positive
  5. Manage your environment

OK, I can hear you, “easier said then done.”  Well, not really.  The steps listed involve arrange of things you can do to better each, simple things included are just listening, offering help, and smiling.  Think of it as easy to do and better then doing nothing at all.


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